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About me


So here are the 44 years of Sarah Brown condensed into a few lines.


I started life near Stirling (that's where the tartan bit comes from), then eventually made my way to London when I was 18. From here I moved to Swansea then Manchester finally reaching Devon in 2005. Along the way I acquired 1 husband, 2 children and a multitude of 4 legged furry friends and various feathered pets. 


Now some people are very artistic, others are not so bad, and the rest, including me are proud of themselves because they can just about colour inside the lines! Therefore melting glass, being artistic and making pretty things was, as far I was was concerned, not in my make up at all. 


I had my first lampwork lesson in October 2010 and by 25th December that same year, Father Christmas (who is good at taking hints) delivered a lovely new torch, small kiln and 24 rods of shiny glass. Lampwork is the art of melting coloured rods of glass in the flame to create pretty things. A corner of the garage was cleared and my journey into the world of glass melting began in earnest. 


I moved out of my dark & dingy garage leaving behind the recycling, bags of dog food, bikes and  surfboards in April 2013 and into my lovely bright and airy studio. Here I set myself up to work, drink tea, teach others and introduce anyone who is interested to the world of lampwork. 


Fast forward to 2017 and there are now no chickens (but a full bellied fox), still 2 kids (somewhat more grownup), 2 spaniels, 2 cats, numerous ducks, 4 goats and 1 very supportive and patient (also known as greying) husband. My 24 rods of glass have greatly multiplied, the kiln has grown and my continuing journey through the lampworking world is still as fascinating and enjoyable as it was when I made my very first bead.


If you are interested in what shows I am exhibiting at please go to the events tab, or if you are interested in taking a class please click the button below.




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